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Budget Birthday Party Tips

Boy and Dad in a Bouncy CastleJumping J-Jays have Cheap Birthday Party Ideas to help you plan a budget birthday party sure to thrill any child!  Our locally owned Franchisees are delivering fun to many areas in Perth including Armadale, Secret Harbour and Kinross. 

Parents will always want to have a birthday party for your child, but still stick to a budget, so we have added a few ideas to for you to help keep the cost of the birthday event at your home low.

Budget Ideas for Birthday Parties:

  • Free Party Invitations are available at in the Kids Club section of our main Website.  Select your theme!
  • Have the party between 9:30 and 11:30 or 1:30 to 4:30. This means that you do not need to provide dinner or lunch
  • If your party is for kids 5 years and older consider not asking the parents of the guests to stay.  (This saves on adult catering costs)
  • For the cake, bake it yourself or decorate a more plain cake from the supermarket rather then getting one custom made
  • Party theme. Keep it simple! There are at least 6 themes available at the discount stores where the supplies are a lot cheaper then at specialized party theme shops. Choose one of them or do not theme the party
  • Hire a basic bouncy castle that does not have the frills. I have seen kids have just as much fun on a regular jump house. The kids will have FUN on any inflatable
  • If parents come - consider not providing alcohol

We have a great selection of Party Games which combine with a Jumping Castle Hire - and they are FREE!

Hope this helps in some way. From our experience at Jumping J-Jays Bouncy castles and slides the mum makes more of a deal on the party then needed. Chill out and the kids will have fun.

Rent a safe Bouncy Castle from Jumping J-Jays

Party Games:

Inflatable Statues

The purpose is to play an upbeat range of children’s music and the children bounce
around on the castle till the music stops and they have to remain as statues.

As the kids bounce, jump and hop and even dance you control the music and let it run
for sets of about 15 to 30 seconds.

When the music stops, the kids have to FREEZE.

The last child to freeze has to come out of the castle and watch from the ground. The
winner is the last person in the castle.

Suitable to play in any Castle

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Having a Bouncy Castle for your child's party can save you time and money! - Jandakot Bouncy Castles